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Literature Search Tools

Here is a collection of digital tools that are designed to help researchers explore the millions of research articles available to this date. Search engines and curators help you to quickly find the articles you are interested in and stay up to date with the literature. Article visualization tools enhance your reading experience, for instance, by helping you navigate from a paper to another.

  • BibSonomy – Share bookmarks and lists of literature.

  • Biohunter – Portal with literature search, data statistics, reading, sorting, storing, field expert identification and journal finder.

  • CiteUlike – Search, organize, and share scholarly papers.

  • Colwiz – Create citations and bibliography and set up your research groups on the cloud to share files and references.

  • ContentMine  – Uses machines to liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

  • Data Elixir – A weekly collection of the best data science news, resources, and inspirations from around the web.

  • DeepDyve – Instant access to the journals you need.

  • Delvehealth – A data collection of global clinical trials, clinical trial investigator profiles, publications and drug development pipelines.

  • F1000Prime – Leading biomedical experts helping scientists to discover, discuss and publish research.

  • Google Scholar – Provides a way to broadly search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources.

  • LazyScholar – Chrome extension to help your literature search.

  • LiteracyTool – Educational web-platform helping with the discovery, understanding, and exploration of your scientific topics of interest.

  • Mendeley – A unique platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools.

  • Microsoft Academic Search – Find information about academic papers, authors, conferences, journals, and organizations from multiple sources.

  • MyScienceWork – Diffuse scientific information and knowledge in a free and accessible way.

  • Paperity – Aggregator of open access papers and journals

  • Paperscape – Visualise the arXiv, an open, online repository for scientific research papers.

  • PubChase – Life sciences and medical literature recommendations engine. (blog post)

  • PubNiche – A scientific research news curator.

  • ReadCube – Read, manage & discover new literature.

  • Scicurve – Transforms systematic literature review into interactive and comprehensible environment.

  • Sciencescape – Innovation in the exploration of papers and authors.

  • Scientific Journal Finder (SJFinder) – A collection of tools including a journal search engine and rating which recommends a list of journals based on title and abstract of scientific manuscript, website builder, .(blog post)

  • Scizzle – Curator that automagically finds new and relevant research papers. (blog post)

  • Sparrho – Personalized recommendation engine for science – allowing you to keep a bird’s eye view on all things scientific.

  • SSRN – Multi-disciplinary online repository of scholarly research and related materials in social sciences.

  • Stork – Notifies users new publications and grants based on the users’ own keywords.

  • Symplur – Connecting the dots in healthcare social media.

  • Wiki Journal Club – Open, user-reviewed summaries of the top studies in medical research.

  • Zotero – Helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

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